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Six Ways to tie a Scarf
Here are 6 simple alternative ways to tie a scarf
You can also click on the name of each scarf to see a video clip showing how to tie each one

The Reverse loop 
Fold the scarf in 2 and hang round neck Put one end through the loop Take the other end across and put through the loop in the opposite direction

Pull both ends down
The Magic Knot 
Wrap the scraf round the neck with both ends forward Make a loop from one end and pull up the inside Thread the other end through the loop

Pull end ends down
The Celebrity Knot 
Hang the scarf round the neck with one end very short Wrap the scarf around the neck twice Pull the end up through the last turn around the neck

Pull the long end down and tuck the other inside
The Waterfall Knot 
Wrap the scarf round the neck with  both ends forward Loosely tie the ends Pull the knot up

Pull the scarf down to cover the knot
Twisted design
scarf1 Twisted scarf2 Scarf 3 Scarf 4
Wrap scarf with both ends forward Take one end up and over twice Do the same with the other side Tie the ends together in a simple knot
The Necktie Knot 
Hang the scarf round the neck Make a loose knot in one end Thread the other end through Pull up